1982 MC9  Owned and for sale by Glenn Hanson 

I bought the thing in about 1998 or 1999, and I converted it myself. I like this bus because it never had a bathroom in it and I did not want to have to remove the bathroom on the mc9. It had spent it’s life in Florida running between the cruise ships in the airport.  It’s also got one of those additional roof layers, for heat.  You can see that if you look closely at the photos.  


It’s got a Detroit, 8V71 with an Allison transmission. I don’t know how many miles are on it, but it’s  got the odometer on the hub.   


It will need new batteries, depending on what you do with it, it will eventually need new tires. I put new tires on 20 years ago, and they look fine, not worn out, but I am told that 20 year old tires are not necessarily something you want to run for very long.


It’s got very large tanks. 220 waist, black and gray combined, with drain capability  on both side. It’s also got 120 gallons of fresh water.  Toilet, shower, bathroom sink, microwave, and refrigerator.  No stove for the kitchen.


Six bunks, in the back area that is a U-shaped couch that drops down into the size of a king bed.  


I had it painted, of course, by somebody that knows what they’re doing, I also had some cosmetic things done to it. For example, the back was capped off with new lights, the square lights on the front,  three rooftop air conditioner is that still work, and A 120 kW ya mar  generator.   That’s diesel. It runs on a separate tank, in the center bay on the left side.   The generator is well oversized for the bus, are usually run the generator as we are going down the road.   If I don’t get the right place for the bus, I will probably keep the generator and let you get a new, smaller one, that may be a better fit for the bus anyway. 


I did the conversion myself, learning along the way. It turned out pretty good, but it’s not perfect. I have not use the thing in about 10 years, and right now I have some of the interior out of it because I had intended to put new flooring in it. As it sits,  it has been in my garage for 10 years, so it’s a little bit dirty but it’ll clean up nice. That is why I am offering this stay at my cabin while you do a little bit of elbow work.  It’s a very nice place, I’ll do what I can to help, and we will become friends in the process.


Like I said on the thread, this is not a turnkey endeavor. It is a whole lifestyle you are getting into, very worth it, but not for the half hearted.


I’ve got four children, all of whom are now grown and gone.  Grandchildren will come, but slowly, and I’m not sure we want that lifestyle anymore. I have two big houses, and my wife and I have traveled extensively, and we have decided future travel will be in a small car with nice hotels. Or the areas of the world where you couldn’t take a bus anyway.


Photos to follow, in sets of five.  Earlier earlier photos of when I was using it, and them the photos of Harlan since right now.   


Give it a look, and if you like, call  with any questions.


Glenn Hanson

This page created as a courtesy, if you need more info please contact him directly.