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1997 Prevost 45 Xl with Liberty Elegant Lady conversion

No slides. We hated slides on our previous unit!


We are the third owners. I don’t know the first owner. We bought it 9 years ago from Jon Wehrenberg (he owns the site He owned it for most of its time on this earth. He bought a newer bus, so we bought this one from him. Jon is a certified Prevost mechanic, and maintained this bus beyond all reason, in his own shop with a mechanic’s pit. We have continued his maintenance schedule every year. Every year, we change the oil and filters, lubricate the chassis, etc.. We also have done extended life coolant flushes and filter changes regularly, along with all other fluids on a regular schedule. Batteries are the best we can buy, and are due to be replaced in 2 years.


Here is what I can remember us doing in the past few years:


All new airbags 2 years ago…just because Jon said replace them every 10 years;


New power steering pump last year


Replaced starboard Cruise Aire unit 3 years ago, rather than have it worked on and repaired.


New generator (not rebuilt) radiator 3 years ago because it had a little bit of rust on it.


New engine radiator and fan assembly last year, because our mechanic thought it might be a problem in the near future.


Replaced microwave/convection oven 3 years ago


All new Michelin tires 2 years ago.


New brakes, U-joint, and rear brake rotors (not rebuilt) 2 years ago (we were in New Mexico, and developed a right drive axle seal leak, so I had them replace everything while it was torn down!). This was done at a Prevost/Volvo truck center, with all Prevost parts. This is when we went ahead and replaced all the tires…we were there, so we just had it done.


Several new air leveling valves and parts, along with various other parts 2-3 years ago….we had some slow air leaks so I just had everything fixed that looked like it might be a future problem.


We had our front and rear roof caps repainted 18 months ago, and I had them go ahead and paint the entire roof that can’t be seen with that special paint that you can walk on, and had them seal everything real well, just to prevent the possibility of future leaks…it wasn’t leaking, I just never want to have any problems when we are on the road! This was done by Xtreme Paint and Graphics, Nacogdoches, TX


New rooftop in-motion satellite…we never even use it, but it is connected to the front and rear TV’s. To be honest, we only know how to watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” reruns on the front TV. We haven’t even turned on the rear TV, that I remember. We had all of this done at East TN Luxury coach 2-3 years ago.

The bus has an extra water pump, as Jon wanted a backup…we have never had to use it. We have something that plugs into the bus to do all kinds of diagnostic information (a ProLink 9000) …have never used it. We also have lots of belts, bulbs, extra Norgren valves, and parts that I don’t even know what they are. I have all the manuals and all work receipts. Jon gave us all this stuff with the bus. I AM NOT a grease monkey. All I do is drive it and set it up at campgrounds. We have a fantastic mobile Prevost mechanic who does all of our routine work on the bus, yearly, and if we need him. He did all of our yearly maintenance/fluids/filters, etc. for this year about 6 weeks ago.


The satellite system, the extensive leveling system work, and the Cruise Aire replacement was all done at East TN Luxury Coach. We had them put in a new cabinet and a bar, as well. We spent about 35K there 2-3 years ago.


We had the floors, window treatment, shades, trim, etc. all redone when we got the bus from Jon . Kim didn’t like the original decor. We had all of this done at Legacy Coach, in Rockwall, TX. We paid $55K for that work, 8-9 years ago. I also have 4 stands to put under the bus if anybody wants to do their own maintenance, along with two front windshield glasses, the chrome engine cover, a front bra, snap on window overs, etc…I have never even unfolded any of that stuff, and it is all just stored in our bus garage!


Here is what I know of that is “wrong” with the bus:


  1. The fridge door ice maker and water dispenser quit working a year ago. I haven’t had it fixed. The ice maker works fine, you just have to open the door and get ice out of the bucket. It was a brand new Bosch side by side when we bought the bus, and it still is perfect, otherwise.

  2. We had ETLC make a nice glass door for the electric control panel while they had it. We were almost all the way back home, and the whole thing fell out on the floor and burst into a million pieces. They offered to replace it, but I wasn’t going to go back 600 miles for that…it still needs to be replaced. I think it totaled only $210 of our $35K bill there!

  3. One of the dimmer switches for the kitchen over head lights doesn’t work. It didn’t work when we bought it, and we forgot to have it fixed when we had the major remodeling done, and when it was at ETLC. We never dim the lights anywhere…they are either “off” or “on”!

  4. I forgot to plug in the bus when I took it to the garage about a year ago. There was a little bit of ice in the freezer. It melted and dripped out onto the throw rug in front of the fridge, and there “slight water damage on floor under the said rug.. It is more something that you can feel than something that you can see. I have never forgotten to plug it into the 50 am service in our bus garage again!!



When we bought the bus from Jon, it had 245K miles on it. We have put about another 43K on it. He replaced the instrument panel at about 200K miles (I don’t know why), so the odometer only reads about 81K. But, when you check the Detroit Diesel trip computer , it shows the real mileage (288K). This bus runs like a spotted ape, and I would wager that it is mechanically in better shape than most of the busses with lower mileage that are bought and sold out there everyday.


OK! That’s all I can think of without the bus and my records in front of me!



The price is $145,000 (serious buyers only please! )